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Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown. Spread it like wildfire. 

Goddamn disgusting. I can’t believe that you can all look at the picture of a man, a proud and happy man at the picture in question, and think “let’s spread this and not only ruin a happy moment, but potentially cause enormous harm not only to him but also to his ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!”.Does he have kids? Great. I hope you all realize what you might have done to them. Innocent little things that will have their lives ruined by you.
I can’t stress this enough; I’m unfollowing anyone who reblogs this sort of shit. You people make me sick.

He KILLED a kid, an innocent child. Someone’s child. What the fuck is your damage woman? I hope his kids DO see this and learn not to be a dickwad like their father.  Only someone like you can look at a killer and put them in a victim’s position.

I seriously fucking hope his kids see it too so they can see their father for the racist murdering fuck that he is. 

Still skeptical that this guy is just a scape goat for ferguson pd. time will tell.

Lmao go to her blog shes an actual nazi. So we know where cop sympathy lays. With fucking nazis.

Haha oh my god just look at her blog lmao




They have officially worn this man out.


All presidents age fast, Time magazine did a piece on it. I think.

All Presidents do seem to age fast, but the larger point remains. They have worn that man out.

In this fuckery we call America, they have worn him out. They can never give credit where it’s due. WAIT, are we forgetting about the college debt forgiveness already? if that dick Mitt Romney was in office most of us couldn’t go back to school … just gonna let that sit there.