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Your lack of effort got me actin’ different…
Good Morning 💯
Seems the only thing straight bout me these days is my liquor 🙈 #TheyLoveMeWhenImNotSober
Shoutout to the winners of shimmy like a nupe contest at miles…. & shoutout to our teacher @elkingdebham ♦️👌 #StrollingIntheJordans #WetShoulderClub💦
Niggas grab they girls hands when we come thru 😩😂
Don’t think about it too much 💋
My little cousin baby is soooo beautiful #BathTimeFun #ThemFamilyGenesSomethingSerious #MyChildGonnaBeSoBeautiful #ButIAintHavingNoneNoTimeSoon
Young nigga move that dope 😎
Lol sooooo let me tell y’all bout my best friend 😁….. I known this girl all my life thru the drunk nights & the arguing I wouldn’t trade her for world… Unless I can trade her for @lashontae then it’s happening lol but happy birthday @_tonihawk_ get live for me… Sucks my surprise gift flopped 😔… Still love you 😘! Enjoy your day !!!
Let me introduce y’all to my #WCWs 😌😏